Sean is a world-leading adventurer with expeditions including firsts in Iceland, the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Recently he led his team to become the first services team in history to complete a record-breaking return overland journey, 1700 miles to the South Pole and back in 72 days. The first and the longest journey since Captain Scott’s attempt in 1912.

Not just another solo adventurer, Sean specialises in building, leading and motivating teams to exceed their boundaries.

Sean is passionate about self-development and teamwork and this makes his ventures so successful. His leadership philosophy and teamwork strategies are grounded in the real world and are the subject of books and executive development programmes.

Sean is not just inspirational; he really can deliver on all levels. Trained as an Officer in HM Royal Marine Commandos, an experienced business leader and with over 20 major expeditions behind him, whether he is leading high-risk expeditions, presenting, or training, he delivers what is needed on all levels.


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